Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why I get headache when I am studying?

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I started getting headaches when I studied when I needed reading glasses and didn't know it.
Now that I have glasses to read with, no headaches.
Maybe you need glasses.
you may need glasses/new glasses.. or a better light.. If you can read clearly without things looking fuzzy it is probably the lighting your using..
Have your eyes checked - -odds are you need reading glasses..but also ensure that the light levels you use are appropriate and that there aren't other distractions (e.g., loud music) that is distracting you from concentrating.
You are probably looking to hard and have problems with your eyes and might need glassed. I think it's time to go see an eye docter.
Maybe you need a better light or get your eyes checked.Eye strain can cause headaches and could damage your eyes.
1) You are depressed when you study, or
2) You don't enjoy studying, or
3) You need a pair of glasses (check your eyes), or
4) The environment you are studying in is not so suitable, i.e. lots of noise or too dark. All the best.
Maybe.you should get your eyes checked...sometimes..when we (people) have the slightest imperfection of the eye, it can cause enough stress on the eye. Some people have a terrible problem reading from their computer monitor. If you are able to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, let him know that you seem to be getting headaches only when you are studying.
The only other thing that comes to mind, maybe, your feeling a little stressed about your work. Sometimes stress or disinterest can cause headaches. Make a little diary of your headaches, what you are doing (exactly) when you feel them coming on ...this may help you to figure out the cause a little sooner. Good Luck!!
The material is boring. Try studying outside
Some times I get a headache when I am reading for too many hours. You could take a break every hour or so, get up and walk around for a couple of minutes. Sometimes the size of the text is too small and that causes eyestrain, if your studying from the Internet you could change the size or font of the material. Usually I get headaches from having too much light in my work area. To study properly you need enough light to see your materials but not too much, change things around and see if the light needs to be adjusted. Some people like to work in silence with no disruptions, other people like to study with music or background noise. I like to listen to shows while I type, but I have to have a quiet space to read things. Also people get dehydration headaches from not drinking enough water. This is a deep headache in the back of the head where your neck meets your hairline. So be sure to drink a glass of water (8oz) every hour or two.I hope this helps you in figuring out whats wrong.


  1. why is that i always get headache immediatly i start reading.

  2. i usually get headache when a think i have to study and started to feel tired???

    please someone tell me why is that so?