Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why would lettuce make you sick?

I gave up eating lettuce because after a lot of trial and error I found it was what was making me sick, with bad stomach cramps etc. Has anyone else had this experience? Why would that happen? Could I be allergic to lettuce? Am I ultra-sensitive to whatever chemical they use in producing or preserving it? Other people seem to be able to eat it with no ill effects. It's hard to avoid it and I always have to ask people in restaurants not to give me any. Thanks!
Lettuce is more difficult to digest than other foods. It's not necessarily an allergy, and it doesn't happen to many people. I suspect you probably also have trouble with some other green veggies as well. You are doing the right thing by not eating it. Have you tried spinich - it is also used to fill a salad? As far as the chemicals are concerned, lettuce is easy to grow in your garden at home. Buy some lettuce seeds and plant one seed in a container the size of the bottom of a gallon milk carton. That is how I plant my lettuce every year. This late in the season, you don't want to grow it outside, because the fall frost may kill it. Probably not, but why take the chance. Put holes in the bottom of the container for drainage and water it about every 3 days.Lettuce is easy to grow, and if you find that your own lettuce doesn't cause problems, then you will know that it is the pesticides or other chemicals on the commercially grown lettuce. If this is the case, I suggest you switch to all organic foods.
weird to say but maybe there was a few traces of e-coli in the lettuce.

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