Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whats an average price for a chiropractic adjustment without insurance?

i need my vertebrae popped
It depends on the chiro. Most range from $30 to $70. But keep in mind if you've never seen them before they probably wont (and shouldn't) give you an adjustment without evaluating your needs. In many cases, a chiro will give the eval for free, and then discuss further treatment afterward. I work for a company that does chiro telemarketing so I'm basing this off of hundreds of chiro's all across the country.
Anything more than $55 is outrageous. My chiro charges $50 for a first time vist and $25 thereafter. She's in Charlottesville, VA. My old chiro in Yardley, PA charges $53.
Here in Ohio where I live, mine only charged $28.00

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